Europa 11 novembre 2015

Various materials;
length 2,100 m

On 11 November 2015, an operation was launched to close the border between Slovenia and Croatia with metal netting and barbed wire. It was supposed to be a temporary barrier to control the flow of migrants. Initially, a 2,100 m stretch of border were closed as part of the endeavour.

The artist created a ribbon the same length as this closed stretch of border by tying together thousands of pieces of rope, shoelaces, electric cables, ribbons, etc., all scraps he collected from family, friends and acquaintances. The ribbon was installed at the Sprovieri Gallery in London. Suspended 160 cm above the ground, it traced the perimeter of the room and crossed from wall to wall in order to fully occupy the space and modify its use. The effect was to metrically transpose the border, which so recently was still a free area, into the private and protected gallery space.