Genova (foto di gruppo)

Marble mud;
cm 40x22x450

Taking inspiration from the official photo of the ten leaders group attending the G8 Summit of 2001 in Genova Francesco Arena realized ten block of mud taken from a quarry of marble. This mud is the waste of the processing of the marble, this is a very brittle material, that can be pulverized. The ten squared forms of 40x40cm have different height, from 0.5cm to 22cm, designed by imagining that if Carlo Giuliani were alive and could stand on the bases he could look into the eyes of every single chief of state:


Junichiro Koizumi, Japan, height: 165,5 cm, difference 0,5 cm

Tony Blair, Great Britain, height 183 cm, difference 18 cm

George W. Bush, Usa, height 182 cm, difference 17 cm

Jacques Chirac, France, height 187 cm, difference 22 cm

Silvio Berlusconi, Italy, height 167 cm, difference 2 cm

Vladimir Putin, Russia, height 170 cm, difference 5 cm

Jean Chrétien, Canada, height 183 cm, difference 18 cm

Gerhard Schröder, Germany, height 174 cm, difference 9 cm

Guy Verhofstadt, Belgium, height 185 cm, difference 20 cm

Romano Prodi, European Commission, height 173 cm, difference 8 cm