Il peso del mio corpo da un blocco di pietra del peso di una barca

80 x 100 x 32.8 cm

The title Il peso del mio corpo da un blocco di pietra del peso di una barca (My body weight from a block of stone of boat weight) embodies the sense of the artwork. It is a sculpture made from a block of stone that originally weighed the same as a boat used by clandestine migrants. A hole was made in the block until it was reduced to the weight of the artist.

In April 2010, Francesco Arena went to the island of Lampedusa and visited a warehouse full of wrecked boats. These were boats used by clandestine migrants, stored here by the Italian authorities until they could be destroyed. The artist chose and weighed one of these boats and then had a block of Bluestone, a sedimentary rock, cut to the same weight as the boat (700 kg). The block was then hollowed out until it weighed 69 kg, the same weight as the artist, yet maintained its original size (80 x 100 x 32.8 cm).

The sculpture is defined by two important numbers: the weight of the boat, the initial figure that dictated the size of the block of stone, and the weight of the artist, the second figure that determined the act of hollowing out and removing material and consequently the final shape of the sculpture.

The final piece is the result of a process of subtraction that continued until the weight of a container carrying people whose names and stories are unknown to us, becomes the weight of an individual whose name and surname we are certain of.