Linea di 18,53 km

White bronze;
cm 45x300x1.853.000

From the garden of Cristina and Renato’s house you can see Vesuvio; the curves of the volcano separates the sea from the sky. A white bronze cuneo 300 cm tall and with 45x45 cm square base is planted all its height long in the garden’s ground of Cristina and Renato; only 45 centimeters stay outside. The cuneo was molded in clay then a fragment has been ripped off and finally the two elements have been realized in bronze. The rip was threw inside the Vesuvio’s crater, this is the line who gives the artwork name: the distance between the two parts of the sculpture, one buried in the garden of Cristina and Renato and the other one lain in the bottom of the Volcano.

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