Sentence in six meters from zero to sixty-six centimeters

Metal beam,
600 cm x 14 x 14

A metal beam six meters long and fourteen centimeters wide and high with the sentence: LE COSE VIVONO SOLO NEL PRESENTE, IL PASSATO E LA MEMORIA SONO UNA PREROGATIVA DEL GENERE UMANO [THINGS LIVE ONLY IN THE PRESENT, THE PAST AND MEMORY ARE A PREROGATIVE OF HUMANKIND] engraved on its upper side. The beam has one end that lays on the ground, zero centimeters above the floor, and the other end that lays sixty-six centimeters above the ground on the masonry bench that occupies the entire wall of the space. The sculpture is designed to be installed in such a way where the two ends are always positioned on different heights laying on element already present in the space. In doing so, the work’s title will change accordingly with the variation in height.