Corridoio (perimetro da percorrere 93 volte e mezza oppure 37)

4x870x200 cm

The edge of the hallway in the artist’s maternal grandparents’ house was outlined in black tiles with white flecks, while the “inner” tiles were white with black flecks. As a child, Francesco Arena used to tiptoe along the black border, being careful not to tread on the white tiles. For Corridoio, this black-tiled perimeter was recreated using light-coloured 40x35 cm travertine tiles that are 4 cm high. Anybody who walks on these tiles must commit to walking round them 93 and a half times until they have completed 2000 metres. This is the distance that separates the Favaloro port in Lampedusa, where migrants come ashore, from the First Reception Centre. Alternatively, visitors can walk the perimeter 37 times to cover 800 metres. This is the length of the tunnel dug in Sarajevo by besieged Bosnians in 1993. The tunnel allowed the besieged city to receive provisions.

The artwork is a catalyser of data. Other distances connected to other routes can become part of the work in the future and will be added to the title so that visitors know how many circuits must be completed by anybody who wishes to interact with the sculpture.