Riduzione di mare

Salt, galvanized metal, book, performer ;
Enviromental dimensions

Riduzione di mare is a 34-kilogram block of salt – the amount of salt obtained after evaporating a cubic metre of seawater. Several performers will lick the block with the intention of overwriting a Morse text, so using quick darting movements for the dots and longer, horizontal strokes for the lines. The Morse text is from a document drawn up by the Dutch organisation United for Intercultural Action (European Network Against Nationalism, Racism, Fascism and in Support of Migrants and Refugees), which has issued a list of names of 16,136 people who have died trying to migrate to Europe. The list includes only the names of those who have received a mention in the media from January 1st 1993 to January 29th 2012. At the end of the process Riduzione di mare

will appear as an object that has undergone the erosive process of human movement and mood, scarred both by the past and by the future.