Le dita delle mani

Das, various materials;
variable dimensions

During the first lockdown of 2020, not being able to go to the studio, I made a series of ten sculptures at home at different times, always using the same amount of material, half a kilo of Das and the same time, one minute per sculpture. These are very simple shapes born from the need to take time to make sense of the moment, I chose to make them in just one minute to use a basic time unit of measurement, filling a minute actually gave meaning to a much longer time , the time of modeling was only a part of the real time of the sculpture, there was the time preceding that during which the sculpture grows in the head and the following time of drying and contemplation of the object. After the lockdown and back in the studio I brought these ten sculptures with me and they remained leaning somewhere, every now and then I took them back and looked at them, it seemed to me that they were asking to be completed in some way, of course you could not continue to model them, add modeled, that moment had passed, the modeled they are made of are already the portrait of a moment, in the studio I began to pair each sculpture with something else, something that already existed that already had its own time, something that over time I had collected and stored in the studio, something that had been chosen without a specific reason as those precisely those ten minutes of manual work had been chosen among so many. These are objects of a different nature, a clod of earth from the place where I live, a nest found in the Argentario, a wad of hair from my beard, two pieces of wood taken from a wine box, a desert rose bought on Ebay , a buffalo horn taken in New York, a finger attached to its owner, three old books, a cuff of one of my shirts and two prints by Marz and Engels torn from an old copy of Il Manifesto.
After a year and a half I think they are ready, each one has its own very open completeness, I think they are fine, the title of the work is The fingers of the hands. One of the ten sculptures requires a performative intervention, it is a tubular sculpture coupled with a finger, the finger can be anyone's.