Masso con gli ultimi 5 giorni

Stone, newspapers
330 x 170 x 110 cm

A core drill was made in a 330 cm long stone, 150 cm deep and 110 cm high, which crosses it due to its depth, the diameter of the core is 6 cm as much as the diameter of a daily newspaper rolled up on itself. The empty space created by the coring is filled with newspapers of consecutive days, as many as it takes to fill the thickness of the boulder in length, each day the newspaper of the current day is added through an entry hole and the oldest newspaper is pushed out from the opposite hole, the boulder is constantly filled with a handful of past days and the current day, hence the title of the work Masso with the last 5 days. The work is a container of recent memory, of the closest chronicle usually destined to be forgotten, digested, of everyday images that cancel each other out with continuous stratification, while the stone that is the result of a very long time remains almost motionless. indifferent to human affairs even if in the long run the daily passage of newspapers inside it will further dig up the stone, another form of consumption opposed to the overlapping and cancellation of news.